write a paper based on the grading rubric that is at least 350 words

write a paper based on the grading rubric that is at least 350 words

12 Steps meetings for Narcotic

Nursing 2924 Psychiatric Mental
Health Aspects of Nursing

Twelve Step

Community Meeting
McLendon/Fall 2015
Twelve Step (12

Step) Community Meeting Assignment
Your required 12

step meeting written clinical assignment must be posted to the iCollege.
“Assignments” link by the date listed on the calendar
The assignment is to attend a 12 step
meeting of your choice and to write a paper based on the grading rubric that is at least 350 words,

You may select from the list of 12 step meetings below or attend a meeting close to you home that is not on this list. You are encouraged to attend a 12 step meeting and submit the written assignment before the
deadline.First check to see if the meeting you plan to attend is an open meeting. Only attend open meetings.
Do not attend closed meetings which are exclusively for addicts/alcoholics.No more than 3 students
may attend a meeting at one time.

You must attend a meeting with at least one other student. No student may attend a group alone.
After you have selected a meeting, post the name, date, time, and location of the 12 step meeting that you
plan to attend on the discussion board.Remember to check the 12

step meeting assignment discussion board before you go to make sure that no more than 2 other students are planning to attend the same meeting on the date you are planning to attend.

The 12 step recovery meetings usually begin with the speaker asking if any person has less than 3
days sobriety. Then the speaker will ask if there are any new people attending. Say your name and
that you are a student at GPC Nursing School. E-mail questions about the 12-Step Meeting

Assignment to your clinical instructor on iCollege.After you have attended the meeting, DO
NOT RETURN for additional visits because you found it interesting and want to learn more.
Submit your report via iCollege “Assignments”.

List of 12-Step Meetings

1. Alcoholics Anonymous
24 hour hotline (404) 525-3178

2. Celebrate Recovery

3. Cocaine Anonymous
iaca.org/metro_atlanta.htm (404) 255-7787

4. Crystal Meth Anonymous (404)454-363


5. Dual Diagnosis Mental Illness and Substance Abuse Georgia Mental Health Consumer Ne
twork,Inc. 246 Sycamore St. Suite 260 Decatur, GA 30030 (404) 687-9487http://gmhcn.org/meetings.html

6. Overeaters Anonymous (404) 634-3314
http://www.atlantaoa.org/2935 Cliff Valley Way, Suite
110 (Intersection of Briarcliff and North Druid Hills Rds) 2 meetings daily

7. Gambler’s Anonymous

8. Narcotics Anonymous (NA) (404) 708-3219

9. Nicotine Anonymous (877) 879-6422

http://www.nicotine-anonymous.org/meetings.php McLendon/Fall 2013

10. Secular Organization for Sobriety

11. Women for Sobriety


12. Step 12 recomend your class mates.


. .

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