Walden University nurs6512 week 2 quiz latest 2017

QuestionWeek2 quizQuestion 1 When percussing, a dull tone is expected to be heard over:Question 2 Which technique should be used to stabilize the stethoscope during auscultation?Question 3 The degree of percussion tone is determined by the density of the medium through which the sound waves travel. Which statement is true regarding the relationship between density of the medium and percussion tone?Question 4 Which of the following describes a physical, not a cultural, differentiator?Question 5 Your new patient is a 40-year-old Middle Eastern man with the complaint of new abdominal pain. You are concerned about violating a cultural prohibition when you prepare to do his rectal examination. The best tactic would be to:Question 6 Which statement is true regarding the impoverished?Question 7 To perform a deep tendon reflex measurement, you should:Question 8 In terms of cultural communication differences, Americans are more likely to _____ than are other groups of patients.Question 9 Underestimation of blood pressure will occur if the blood pressure cuff s bladder:Question 10 Guidelines for Standard Precautions indicate that mask and eye protection or a face mask should be worn while performing:Question 11 A patient in the emergency department has a concussion to the head. You suspect the patient may also have a retinal hemorrhage. You are using the ophthalmoscope to examine the retina of this  patient. Which aperture of the ophthalmoscope is most appropriate for this patient?Question 12 A nonambulatory 80-year-old male patient tells the female nurse that he feels like he is having drainage from his rectum. Which initial nursing action is appropriate?Question 13 For a woman with a small vaginal opening, the examiner should use a _____ speculum.Question 14 Which statement is true regarding the relationship of physical characteristics and culture?Question 15 You are performing a vaginal examination for a patient with a history of spina bifida. As you insert the metal speculum, the patient suddenly feels nauseated and is sweating, and her skin turns blotchy. What is your most immediate reaction to this situation?Question 16 The infant should be placed in which position to have his or her height or length measured?Question 17 Which question has the most potential for exploring a patient s cultural beliefs related to a health problem?Question 18 Expected normal percussion tones include:Question 19 A naturalistic or holistic approach to health care often assumes:Question 20 Because of common cultural food preferences, avoidance of monosodium glutamate (MSG) is likely to be most problematic for the hypertensive patient of which group?