Standpoint Theory #2

Who is the Other?

Ultimate Writer,

During the past three weeks you have had an opportunity to view  Hotel Rwanda,  El Norte, Come See the Paradise and listen to the stories told by the men in  The Color of Fear.   Please consider Johnson [Chapters 1-9], Nickel and Dimed: How [Not] to Get By in America, the first few chapters of Following Jesus in a Culture of Fear, and the article The 150% Person to respond to the following questions:

  • Who is the  other ?
  • Who represents the  other  in the movie  Come See the Paradise? El Norte?  Hotel Rwanda? How are the experiences of the main characters in these movies similar? different?
  • Which of the movies do you think best illustrates the power of hegemony? For instance, there is a scene in  Come See the Paradise  in which Lily and her sisters and brothers smash the records of Japanese music; this is an example of hegemony.  How does this scene illustrate hegemony?  
  • What other examples of hegemony are there in  El Norte,  Come See the Paradise and Hotel Rwanda? Discuss your own specific examples and explain how they illustrate your understanding of hegemony .   
  • Discuss the concept of the Marginal Man and the 200% person; how is Billie Davis, the main subject of the article an example of the other?