Resource: Healthy Care Community ProfileHealthy Care Community (HCC) is upgrading its HIT system. You are participating in the project. Review the Healthy Care Community Profile to become familiar wi


  • Healthy Care Community Profile

Healthy Care Community (HCC) is upgrading its HIT system. You are participating in the project. 

Review the Healthy Care Community Profile to become familiar with the scope of the Healthy Care Community HIT Upgrade project and the HCC business and technical needs. 

This week you will complete the first step of the project: documenting the current state of the HCC HIT system and creating a recommended architecture for the project team to review. 

Part 1 – Current and Recommended Architecture Diagrams

Create a Microsoft Visio diagram of the current HCC HIT architecture and a second diagram of your proposed architecture that meets HCC’s business and performance needs and technical requirements. 

Consider the Digital Bedside Monitoring System Performance Issue described in the Healthy Care Community Profile when preparing your proposed architecture. Examine the performance issue to find the source of the problem, consider how you would resolve it, and include the resolution in your recommended design. 

Include the following in your diagrams, as applicable:

  • Five HIT components
  • Current and proposed hardware
  • Current and proposed software applications, along with notes regarding key interactions
  • Data flow map
  • Sufficient detail to support the creation of security, installation, and maintenance plans

Part 2 – Design Explanation

Create a 3- to 4-page explanation in Microsoft Word for the project team that describes your design recommendation and how your recommendation will maximize performance and optimization. 

Include the following in your explanation:

  • A summary of your architecture design change recommendations
  • A description of how your recommendations will improve overall network performance and the performance of individual components
  • An explanation of how your recommendations will resolve the Digital Bedside Monitoring Performance Issue, including:
  • What a Medical Record Number (MRN) is and its role in accurately and uniquely identifying patients
  • What caused the performance error
  • A summary of your recommendation with supporting reasoning

Note: The Healthy Care Community-related individual assignments in Weeks One, Two, Three, Four, and Five build upon one another. 

Compress your recommendation document and Visio files of your system diagrams into a ZIP folder. 

Submit your ZIP folder.