physical education class–need done tonight before 11:59 pm central time.. please read

  1.  2 days of Nutritional analysis print out from “” see directions below. (2 pages)
  2. Nutritional Analysis Review sheet (1 page)
  3. Ideal Weight and Body Fat calculator completed form. (1 page)
  4. Use the  “”:  (Links to an external site.) nutrition tracking app for the phone and/or on-line program to record the amounts of all foods eaten for 2 days.You do not need to purchase the “advanced” myfitnesspal program for this assignment.   Enter the foods you eat into nutritional analysis program. The phone app contains a scanning tool that allows you to scan food packages’ bar codes and allows you to enter the information into the tracking program.
  • Download and Complete the Nutritional analysis Review report using your results of the 2 days from “”. The information should show macronutrient & micronutrient intake. FYI move your cursor over the words “Nutritional Analysis review to get the form”
  • Follow direction below to print out the correct form from myfitness pal document to submit for the project. 
  • Use the Ideal Weight and Body Fat Calulator: (Links to an external site.)  to determine your healthy weight range based on body fat. The college fitness centers and most health clubs have a tool to measure your body fat. If not the the site has a  calculator you can use (Links to an external site.).  Use your healthy weight to determine how many calories you should be eating daily. Submit a screen shot or copy and paste into a word document for submission

Directions for myfitnesspal printout.

  1.  Sign In
  2. Select “My Home”
  3. Select “Foods” tab on top of page
  4. Select dates you want to report
  5. You should see a list of your foods and calories for those dates
  6. Scroll down to bottom of page
  7. On left side select “View full Report” printable (green box)
  8. Select “Print’ to print if you want a hard copy (control p)
  9. Or copy and paste the report into a word document and upload into the submission area.

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