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Raksha Tiwari 

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Re:Topic 4 DQ 1

I am currently working at long term care and acute care unit. I am floating nurse. Previously I used to work in emergency department in Nepal for one year where dealing with death is daily job. Working all these years makes easy to accept death as natural process.  It is painful to see when someone younger is dying. However in long term care facility it is more painful to see people suffering and struggling in their late stage of life than heir death. The other hard part of the job after death is seeing their loved ones crying in pain. Anyway it is important to manage the death situation as a nurse.

I still remember that day while I was working in emergency we received a vehicle accident case where male brought in was already dead and his face was not recognizable from blood and swelling. While I was doing dead body care I saw his family member they were familiar to me. Than I could not continue to work after I knew he was our neighbor. I was shaking which was the most hard part of my working experience