Method From the following 4 light curves, for Stars 1, 2, 3, and 4: Estimate the period (P) in days 2. Convert the period to years 3. Use Kepler’s 3…

1. Indicate in the diagram below, possible positions of the star and its orbiting planet, which would result in astronomers obtaining spectra A, B and C above. (Motions of both star and planet are counterclockwise in this diagram.

2. How would astronomers use spectra A, B and C to precisely calculate how fast the star was moving?

3. How would the speed the star is moving allow astronomers to be able to deduce information about the orbiting planet? What type of information could the astronomers calculate?

4. Why did the first exoplanets discovered by this method tend to be called ‘hot Jupiters’? (Define a hot Jupiter.)

5. What is a ‘habitable zone’? How would astronomers decide if a planet was in a star’s habitable zone?