Literature Review Matrix,Literature review matrix

Post your literature matrix to this discussion. Discuss your process with the initial review of the literature: Please see attached articles under additional materials to be added to the literature review matrix. See order NH34278 for more insight to the topic.

Please define what a literature review matrix is and answer the following questions below.

please attach all articles in PDF files within 5 year publication. Thank you

  • What are the key electronic databases that you are using?
  • What are your successes and challenges in locating relevant literature for review?
  • Does the process of abstracting and recording information from research articles into the Literature Review Matrix flow smoothly for you?
  • What additional support might you need during this important review of the literature?
  • Will you be able to critique at least 25 articles before Week 11?

Hi Dr. Tracy

Please see attached instruction for the literature review

I attached the last literature review you did approx. 4 weeks ago. This one is a continuation. I have also attached a blank one that you can use.

Please let me know if you need any additional information. This course ends the last week in April.