Final Journal Reflection

Reflect on your practicum experience by writing your responses to the following questions:

This assignment is a journal entry for a APRN health assessment class.

Students did not have any clinicals this semester secondary to COVID

the practicum focused on recording videos on a child, friend, or family member on the various symptoms The objective of the videos assignment is to provide faculty feedback related to assessment of the focus system(s) and to ensure that the student demonstrates developing proficiency for physical examination techniques and documentation. If performance is not accurate, complete or at the expected level, course faculty will provide constructive feedback and may request a second video or note submission prior to the student attending clinical the following week.


I included some notes in ( ) as to guide the direction of the response


  • What were the highlights of practicum?

(Actually being able to practice it, it is one thing to read the content and watch a video, which makes it appear easy, but when you are practicing, it can be difficult


  • What challenges did you face?

(Not having the opportunity to perform it on a real patient)

  • What did you learn that you did not expect?

(Patient may manifest with one problem, but it may be related to something else, or a condition related to a complete other symptom)


  • How has your understanding of the NP provider role changed?


  • Which system exams or techniques do you feel most confident performing?

(HEENT assessment)


  • Which system exams or techniques do you feel least confident performing?

(Neuro assessment)


  • Do you feel you are proficient and timely in performing exams?



  • To what extent do you feel prepared for the next class  clinical practicum specialty course for the Psyche Mental Health Nurse practitioner?

(Since my field is psychiatry, for me it obtaining subjecting data and is more about building rapport and trust with the patient)



  • What have you seen in practicum that would be helpful to address in the online course?