Community-Health Promotions

  1. Consider the following 3 statements taken from your DeChesnay text. Then thinking about your own community, what challenges will you face as a health care provider? How do you plan on handling these concerns when you start practice?
    • In the United States, Americans are less healthy and die sooner than citizens of 16 other developed countries.
    • In comparison, the United States has worse outcomes with birth, injuries, homicide, adolescent pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS, drug and alcohol mortality, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, chronic lung disease, and disability among older persons.
    • The health status of Americans alone makes ‘us’ a vulnerable population.
  2. After digesting the information related to the topic of mass shootings, a mother’s heart ache and the concept that faculty and students are a vulnerable population, write a summary of what you have gleaned; an account of changes in your local area and finally your thoughts about being labeled vulnerable. Do you think “policy change” is the answer to keep us safe? Once you graduate and are practicing as an Advanced Practice Nurse in your community, how will you address the notion of active shooters in your community?
  3. Health Promotion events occur in our communities and include health fairs, support groups, and even webinars. Participate in a health promotion and disease prevention live event, and also view a webinar. Summarize what you learned, the target audience and how you can take the information learned from the event and apply this to your practice as an APRN. Be sure to provide topic, location, speaker etc.