School policy

Application for Readmission after Dismissal from the Master’s/ Post-Master’s Certificate Program

A.     Criteria for application for readmission after dismissal from a Graduate program. Application for readmission will be considered if:


a.         A student has had no more than two course failures in any graduate courses.

(In other words, a student may only be readmitted once to any graduate program.)

Readmission will occur no sooner than one year after the start of the term in which the student’s performance led to dismissal. 

The school policy is on page 27 of the student handbook  fill this form to appeal the school decision about readmission. The student has fail two classes GPA is 3.41 will start clinical on August 31th 2020. Fill this form to convince the committee to change their decision about readmission. Student program is Psychiatry NP